Bernard Peugeot, a 27-year-old armed teacher, was able to call upon her military training Saturday, as a bunsen burner erupted in flames during a routine chemistry lab exercise. Utilizing her Army background, Bernard single-handedly picked up the phone and called somebody. Once body arrived on scene, testing resumed on Chapter 6 of the Prentice Hall Chemistry (student edition) textbook. Reviews on the most recent release are favorable across a wide array of platforms:

The Prentice Hall Student Edition is affordable enough for people on a tight budget or even for someone not taking a class but who is simply interested in this all-important field of science. Also, this text aligns very well with the common core curriculum.”

The local residents were amazed at the abnormally high salt content of their annual harvest.

The dissolution of salt in water: “This seems like a physical change because we know we can recover the salt from the water. However, if we look at the microscopic level, we see that the two types of atoms in salt, sodium and chlorine, separate from one another. In this example, we don’t have a new substance, therefore this salt in solution doesn’t fit the microscopic definition of a chemical change; but we also don’t have the substance in its original form — a stack of alternating sodium and chlorine atoms. Does this mean the change is half chemical and half physical? Though it has aspects of a chemical change, scientists would still classify the dissolution of salt as a physical change”.

Once the bunsen burners were told to “check themselves before they they wrecked themselves”, Peugeot then began to focus her attention on the raccoon infestation that had been wreaking havoc on the school since the mid 1930’s. The first step in reducing your raccoon pop is to identify nesting areas. “Raccoons don’t use nesting materials like birds do. The only way to identify a nest is by the fecal matter they leave. Look for brown cylindrical objects with digested berries. Raccoon feces look similar to those left by small dogs. When in doubt, contact your local extension office.”


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