Debating social issues in the world hasn’t changed much, but the tactics people use on the internet are now reaching an all time low. This article is geared toward expanding your ability to perceive the flaws in information, because that is ultimately the key indicator of “fake news”.

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Meet Lucy. From her Twitter account @lucygabs:

20 year old fashion student, assistant music ed and general arty person. fangirl for the staves, stevie nicks and red wine.

Lucy thinks that if you can differentiate from white Christians and the KKK, than you can differentiate between Muslims and ISIS. (Lucy: for future reference, “then” is a reference to time, and “than” is comparative) So let’s weigh the validity of this argument and see where we end up.


Millennials who argue the point online have resorted to the posting of a Muslim propaganda cartoon which overtly depicts ISIS as a bomb-strapped AK-47-toting hooded figure with a cellphone. While you don’t see many of these ISIS members in the US, the unhappy “Muslim” female depicted in the drawing (Right) does look somewhat common. Ironically, 99% of the millennials arguing this point have never been to the Middle East, and thus, they fail to see the stupidity in this line of thinking.

As you have seen on droesty, movements are defined by their radicals; primarily for the sake of argument. So for the sake of argument, let’s observe a real terrorist attack in real time and I invite all of you to identify who the terrorists are before the detonation. So we are clear on the rules, you only have seconds to identify correctly or you’re gone (like the unsuspecting crowd).

Back to Lucy’s argument that we should be able to differentiate from Muslims and ISIS; this statement was inherently propped on the concept that we can identify a white Christian and a member of the KKK. What this means is that:

A. Lucy assumes we can already differentiate between the KKK and white Christians.

B. Muslims are appropriated to Christians, and ISIS to the KKK.

This is a parallel scheme based on mathematics’ principles (Keep in mind that the transitive property of A=C because A=B and B=C is the most common logical fallacy in the history of debate; it applies to equalities and should never be used to support an absolute in the socio-political realm). Religious affiliation is x, the extremists of their race are y.

droesty, can we identify a KKK member from a white Christian?

(AP/ Grand Dragon Bill Quigg)

Why yes, we can. Islamic extremists disguise themselves well before an attack…the real ISIS looks very different than ISIS on social media photo ops or CNN. However, the KKK has recently been easily identified in MSM by their tattoos, patches, or stereotypical white robes and matching headgear from the days-of-old. But this was not always the case.

Let’s consider the position of Danielle Wiener-Bronner from

“Shahar, who tweets under the handle @atypewritersing, explained that comparing ISIS to KKK implies that an equivalency can be drawn between the threat American Muslims with ties to ISIS pose to the public, and the threat that American Christians with ties to the KKK posed to the public, historically and today. Her argument is that the KKK was far more dangerous to the American public than ISIS is today, because so many lawmakers had ties to the hate group—and so few Muslims today hold positions of power”

In conclusion, this is just more frail logic that doesn’t hold water for the left. Since 9/11, right-wing Christians have carried out more lone wolf terror attacks than anybody in America, not the KKK. For more information on demographics of lone wolf attacks worldwide, check out the RUSI report here.