The internet thinks their CSI investigative stripes are a powerful force. And here at droesty, we feel the same way. According to some of the more recent breakdowns on the Charlottesville Dodge Challenger roadkill video, a different car was supposedly used all together. Pay close attention to the racing stripes on the Dodge Challenger used in the incident below. Some are calling it the Charlottesville false flag…and if you check out the imagery below, you’ll see why.

Look closely at the Dodge Challenger photo from James Field’s Facebook page (no racing stripes are found):

(James Fields w/ Dodge Challenger used in vehicular manslaughter)

Now check out the stock photo from the aftermath of the scene:

(James Fields Dodge Challenger following the incident)

And finally, take a look at the slow motion video of the impact:

But don’t take our word for it…this concept originated from a Youtube Channel called The Truth Factory:

If that doesn’t make you droesty…I don’t know what will.