In an effort to create national outrage over President Trump’s rhetoric, many news sources are covering the death of Garmin engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla as if Trump was there pulling the trigger himself.

(Srinivas Kuchibhotla)

From Devjyot Ghoshal of Quartz India:

Especially on Twitter, the US president scarcely restrains himself from reacting to a range of events. In the last few days, for instance, his official Twitter handle @POTUS and personal handle @realDonaldTrump have produced the usual flurry of tweets, covering everything from fake news and the leaking of confidential information to a museum visit and shootings in Chicago.

Yet, the voluble president hasn’t uttered a word on the shooting in Kansas that killed 32-year-old Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla and injured two others. Kuchibhotla and his colleague, Alok Madasani, were grabbing a beer at a bar in Olathe when they were attacked by 51-year-old Adam Purinton, who apparently mistook them for Middle Eastern men. Ian Grillot, a patron who tried to intervene, was seriously injured.

“Get out of my country,” Purinton allegedly shouted, before opening fire.

We’ve seen this in the media before, utilized to very different capacities. One example is the revenge attacks of whites on behalf of Trayvon Martin. At first glance this sounds ridiculous I’m sure, but the way CNN labeled George Zimmerman as a “white-hispanic” followed recent stories of gunned down unarmed blacks to show a trend in the eyes of the public. So the public responded by actually killing white people. Google dubbed the attacks as “Trayvon Martin Revenge Attacks”, and listed them here. The media never covered them, and if you search long enough you will find over 100 similar incidents. The reality is that George Zimmerman is hispanic, and his picture was heavily edited by the media in search of a hate crime narrative.

Another piece of irony is that Trayvon Martin’s record of discipline was suppressed by the school he attended. Check out this piece from WND’s Jack Cashill:

On Feb. 15, 2012, 11 days before Martin’s death, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools put out a press release boasting of a 60 percent decline in school-based arrests, the largest decline by far in the state.

“While our work is not completed, we are making tremendous progress in moving toward a pure prevention model,” Hurley told the Tampa Bay Times, “with enforcement as a last resort and an emphasis on education.”

Hurley’s detectives, all of them veterans with excellent records, told a different story under oath when questioned by Internal Affairs. They knew the shell game was about to be exposed upon first learning that Martin was one of their students and outside agencies would be requesting his records.

“Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God,” one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin’s data. He realized that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe.

In each case, the case file on Martin was fudged to make the crime less serious than it was. As one detective told IA, the arrest statistics coming out of Martin’s school, Michael Krop Senior, had been “quite high,” and the detectives “needed to find some way to lower the stats.” This directive allegedly came from Hurley.

Had the school responded appropriately, Trayvon Martin would have already been in jail and never met George Zimmerman. The innocent skittles and tea narrative? Also contrived. Martin had routinely text his friends about making a drug he called “fire-ass lean” (codeine, a soft drink, and candy). Check out this piece from Phoenix New Times Author Ray Stern:

Yet Korwin has another take on the iced tea vs. watermelon problem: The stereotype that black people like watermelon led the news media to sort of whitewash the tale, starting with the flavor of the beverage and continuing with the idea that Martin was just an average kid instead of a drug-abusing punk-thief.

“The ice tea lie leads directly to every fallacious element of the trumped-up case, and the overt racism of every element of the reporting,” Korwin wrote to us in an e-mail last week.

On Wednesday, during an all-day seminar put on by the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law about self-defense and firearms laws, Korwin fleshed out his theory, saying the national debate about so-called “stand-your-ground” laws began with the media’s “lie” about the iced tea.

“Why wouldn’t the media say a black kid had watermelon juice?” Korwin, part of a three-member panel for a session on “Stand Your Ground,” told an audience of about 150 people. “Because the media is racist.”

If the words “drug-abusing punk thief” ruffle your feathers…just check out the page here to see all the evidence that was omitted from court.

Trayvon Martin’s story is an example of:

  • How powerful the media has become
  • How teens act when they have no role models and a weak family support system

So why would the Obama’s visit the family of such a distraught teen raised by failed parents? Oh and don’t forget, Sybrina Fulton ( Trayvon Martin’s mother) is considering running for President in the name of racial justice. The media’s false reporting of this issue has made her rich with book deals and a political icon for the stand-your-ground law…which had absolutely nothing to do with the case. How her book “Rest in Power” is classified as Nonfiction? You tell me…


Think freely my friends, and stay droesty.