The entire USA is still fighting for validity in the case of POTUS Donald Trump, and now people have stopped worrying about their own communities. What was once a respectful concept of police accountability is slowly dissipating from society. While droesty does not support anti-police rhetoric purported by some anarchist type organizations, we do feel that the truth should be told in the media. There is a fake news aspect to the story of 24-year-old Deaundre Phillips and his fatal encounter with police that everyone is overlooking in their efforts to argue about Muslims and the POTUS. And why won’t the Atlanta chapter of Black Lives Matter comment?

(Facebook/ Deaundre Phillips and his 5 yr-old daughter)

On January 26th, 2017 at around 8pm, police say they identified a “suspicious person in a car” at 3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW. 11 Alive Atlanta is the one of the only sources on the shooting and they currently have 2 separate articles posted to their website. The first explains that the shooting occured, and the second covers the outlandish claims made by the Atlanta Police Department about Mr. Phillips. There is currently about 20 posts on Facebook about the incident, and about the same amount of tweets on Twitter using the hashtags #DeaundrePhillips or #justicefordredre. The second article by 11 Alive Atlanta (who’s slogan is Holding the Powerful Accountable) suggests that the police statement from APD covers an array of strange issues. A group of detectives wearing plain clothes approached a vehicle in the parking lot of the Atlanta Public Safety Annex after they noticed smoke and the smell of marijuana coming from one of the windows. After a conversation with Mr. Phillips ensued, police say that Phillips dove into the vehicle driver’s seat attempting to flee. While one of the detectives was halfway in the passenger door as Phillips attempted to drive off (vehicle was moving), he fatally struck Mr. Phillips with a single gunshot wound. No police officers were injured during the encounter, per APD. There is a video of the shooting that APD has refused to release at this time, and an autopsy was scheduled for Friday, per 11 Alive’s sources.

(Deaundre Phillips)

Additionally, 11 Alive reports that APD has associated Deaundre Phillips as an affiliate of the “Rolling 60s Crips gang” who had a lengthy criminal history and active warrants; a firearm was also reportedly seen on the floorboard of the passenger side of the vehicle at the time of the shooting. The family attorney Chris Stewart suggested that Phillips had only 2 arrests from 2009. Once, a trespassing issue that occurred on school property after hours, and the other was regarding an incident where Phillips was the passenger in a stolen car. The staff at has reached out to some sources and confirmed that Mr. Stewart’s claims about Phillips’ 2 arrests is accurate. The warrant information could not be validated due to Fulton County’s lack of an online search database. Per operating procedures, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident.

For more information, a Non-Profit Org page has been created on Facebook in honor of Deaundre Phillips here: