In an odd evolution of America’s social landscape, it seems that Whites are no longer able to get decent employment thanks to the color of their skin. This development comes just 152 years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Check out the main points from Time’s Alana Abramson:

More than half of white Americans said there is discrimination against their race in contemporary America, according to a new poll.

A total of 55 percent of whites said they believed discrimination against their own race existed in America today in a new poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

But as NPR notes, fewer respondents could cite specific instances of this discrimination. Only nineteen percent of whites who were polled said they were discriminated against while applying for jobs, and 13 percent said the discrimination occurred when they were under consideration for a promotion. Just 11 percent said it was while they were applying to college or attending college, according to the poll.

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers)

The original source for the study (NPR, 2017) also gives us an idea how Whites really feel:

If you apply for a job, they seem to give the blacks the first crack at it,” said 68-year-old Tim Hershman of Akron, Ohio, “and, basically, you know, if you want any help from the government, if you’re white, you don’t get it. If you’re black, you get it.

If you see a White person today…give them a hug, and tell them to stay droesty.