Two economically privileged social icons (A, B) who make millions are watched by millions closely. Both degrade women. You won’t believe the response…

A. References how he could hypothetically grab a random unspecified female by the pussy 10 years ago. Defended the comment as “just locker room talk” and stated many have made similar comments. No credible/validated evidence was ever presented to suggest any pussies were actually grabbed by the individual. The comments fueled hundreds/thousands in donations to market and organize a million-women march on Washington DC. The leftists will be talking about this for years.

B. Video shows individual pull down a woman’s shirt and expose her breast humiliating her in front of a large crowd. Representative for the individual states it was “all in good fun”. Isn’t this how a pedophile rationalizes their actions? The leftists will forget about this in a week.


Donald Trump and Ezekiel Elliott must have had a similar upbringing…because they have a remarkably similar perspective on the opposite sex. Both videos (below) are extremely triggering:

On another level…if racial privilege is so tangible and measurable in society…then how does that explain the violent hatred of millions for the supposedly privileged white male’s hypothetical comment? And where’s Hillary when you need her?

Wishing #EzekielTrump luck in the future. For more on breaking down socio-economic barriers stay droesty.