It’s just something that needs to sink in. Donald J. Trump is now the President Elect of The United States of America. How does that make you feel?

Well some of us aren’t doing to well with this whole thing. Some of us don’t understand what information is real, or what is fake. We do know one thing for certain; it’s a done deal. Now that this Electoral College conversation is a moot point, we don’t have to listen to mainstream content like “She can still win”.

In fact, the media was upside down on this defecting elector narrative. From The Observer earlier today:

“In reality, Democrats were asking electors to vote against the will of the people in their states because Clinton lost. The funny thing is, despite all the lobbying, all the shaming and all the hemming and hawing from Democrats, more electors defected from Clinton than Trump.”

Four electors defected in Washington state. Instead of a vote for Hillary Clinton, three electors voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, an environmental activist.
Although this isn’t nearly as important as the disgust and outrage narratives they need to maintain on CNN, we thought you would appreciate it.

Defecting electors go against the popular vote in their respective state. Fact. If you voted for Trump and your electors defected…you would be singing a different tune. Fact.

Now is a great time for the millions of Americans who were hoping for a 37 elector defection to find an index card and a pen. Leave yourself a note about how you wanted the electors to betray the people. Take the card and put it away for four years (or read it everyday if you like), and once the “real” election comes back around…read your special note aloud.

“Vote your CONSCIENCE means betray the people”